Bulk Compost

Ideal for horticultural use, our Yorkshire-made bulk compost is produced to the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS100 standard. It comes in bags approximately 750 litres or can be supplied loose in a quantity that suits you.

  • ✓No need for additional fertilisers as Yorganics contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulphur and iron.
  • ✓Supports the suppression of certain plant diseases due to compost’s active microorganisms.
  • ✓Contains organic matter for excellent soil structure.
  • ✓Reduces the need for liming.
  • ✓Available as a 20mm soil conditioner.
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100% Recycled
Our compost is made using garden waste collected from householders and recycled.
The lack of peat in our compost protects our precious peatlands and helps heal climate harm.
Household garden waste is collected and processed before being repurposed for household gardens once again.
Organic Process
The process used to make our compost is organic and therefore kinder to the environment and local ecosystems.
Locally Sourced
All our garden waste is sourced in Yorkshire, which helps reduce vehicle carbon emissions from our production cycle.

Happy Customers

5 Stars

It is fantastic stuff. We bought several bags from our local stockist, and it was so good we went back and bought more. Our neighbour has also purchased several bags as it is so good. We are extremely pleased with it and will continue to purchase more as we need it.

Anne Wilson

5 Stars

Fantastic product … works a treat!!!

FAQS for horticultural users and landscape gardeners

Yorganics has a wide variety of uses. We recommend you always wear gloves when handling any type of compost product.

Why should I consider using Yorganics Compost?

Yorganics Compost is a 100% recycled Peat Free compost, made using garden waste, which is environmentally friendly, helping to control climate change and a boost the circular economy. It is best used as a soil conditioner and improver, and may also be used as a mulch, topsoil constituent, turf dressing, and growing medium constituent.

I already make my own compost so why should I buy Yorganics?

Our recycled compost mirrors the benefits of home-made compost, and professional gardeners can rest assured that, on the occasions their own supply cannot meet demand in terms of volume, Yorganics Peat Free and locally-produced compost is guaranteed to match to the quality of their own product.

Yorganics is supplied in a practical range of sizes, from 40-litre bags and dumpy bags approximately 750 litres, to loose compost by the trailer load with delivery arranged or collected by you.

Isn’t municipal compost contaminated with rubbish, like plastic fragments?

We have stringent screening processes to eliminate litter. Towards the end of the composting process, the green waste is put through a trommel, which is a large rotary drum that screens and separates larger material, such as branches and bits of wood. It is then fed through a wind sifting machine, which uses a continuous jet of air to further screen the material and extract any litter. Any larger organic material is fed back into the start of the process and mixed with green waste.

While we can’t guarantee Yorganics will be completely free of litter, it is an extremely rare occurrence. We are continuously working with the local councils and our parent company, Yorwaste, to educate consumers on the negative effects of waste contamination, such as placing plastic plant pots into the garden waste bin.

Is Yorganics tested for chemical residues, such as weedkillers and pesticides?

Yes. As part of the PAS100 standard which Yorganics compost has achieved, samples of our compost are tested for chemical residues and heavy metal to ensure the purest possible product.

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