Bagged Compost

Our bagged Yorkshire compost is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, and comes in 40 litre bags.

  • ✓Suitable for a wide variety of plant life, including trees, shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, roses, fruits, vegetables, herbs, lawns, potted plants and much more.
  • ✓Supports plant health by revitalising and restoring nutrients in soil.
  • ✓Can be used to make stiff, heavy ground more workable whilst improving drainage.
  • ✓Helps to retain moisture and nutrients in lighter, sandy soil.
  • ✓Encourages worm and microorganism activity to help keep soil in great condition.
  • ✓100% recycled.
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100% Recycled
Our compost is made using garden waste collected from householders and recycled.
The lack of peat in our compost protects our precious peatlands and helps heal climate harm.
Household garden waste is collected and processed before being repurposed for household gardens once again.
Organic Process
The process used to make our compost is organic and therefore kinder to the environment and local ecosystems.
Locally Sourced
All our garden waste is sourced in Yorkshire, which helps reduce vehicle carbon emissions from our production cycle.

Happy Customers

5 Stars

Fantastic product … works a treat!!!

5 Stars

It is fantastic stuff. We bought several bags from our local stockist, and it was so good we went back and bought more. Our neighbour has also purchased several bags as it is so good. We are extremely pleased with it and will continue to purchase more as we need it.

Anne Wilson

Yorganics FAQs for domestic gardeners

Yorganics has a wide variety of uses. We recommend you always wear gloves when handling any type of compost product.

Does Peat Free Compost work as well as peat-based compost?

Peat Free compost is as good as or, arguably, better than peat-based composts. It is usually richer in beneficial microbes due to the high content of composted materials and the composting process. Peat Free compost is certainly more sustainable than peat-based products, making it kinder for the environment.

Do I need to add anything to Peat Free compost?

For plants that require good drainage, adding a small amount of grit and sharp sand will help to support growth. Where required, a liquid feed can be used in conjunction with Peat Free compost to boost nutrient levels.

Where can I buy locally sourced and produced compost in Yorkshire?

If you are a member of the public, Yorganics Compost, which is 100% sourced and produced in Yorkshire, can be purchased at any of the 22 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) throughout York and North Yorkshire, and comes in 40-litre bags.

Yorganics is also available at selected regional and national garden centres. Visit our stockist's page to find your nearest Yorganics retailer. Please note that new garden centre stockists are being added all the time, so check back if your local stockist isn’t on the list right now.

If you are a farmer, landowner or professional horticulturist who requires bulk supplies, please contact us to arrange a pallet or loose compost delivery.

Why is it better to use Peat Free compost?

Simply put, Peat Free compost is more sustainable. Peatland bogs are important habitats for a range of plant and animal species, and contribute to lowland flood prevention. Their destruction can have significant ecological consequences so need preserving. Peat Free compost is a responsible choice to help protect the environment.

The sale of peat for use in the amateur gardening sector will be banned in 2024 to protect peatlands and the natural environment.

What are the differences you find when switching to Peat Free compost?

You may find you need to water Peat Free compost a little more that peat-based versions as they are free draining. Little and often is ideal, which keeps plants well-watered without wasting water or washing out nutrients by over-watering.

Where in Yorkshire is Yorganics Compost made?

Yorganics compost is produced at Yorwaste facilities near York and Scarborough in North Yorkshire.

What is Yorganics Compost made from?

Yorganics is made from domestic garden waste, which is collected by the local council and processed by waste management firm, Yorwaste throughout York and North Yorkshire. This includes things like grass clippings, hedge trimmings, branches, plants and leaves.

Is Yorganics Compost available to nationwide customers?

Trade - Yorganics can be purchased in bulk by trade customers, such as farmers, land managers and professional horticulturists, throughout the UK. Please contact us.

Consumers - Our compost is available to buy at the 22 household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) throughout York and North Yorkshire, and we are steadily building our network of nationwide, garden centre retail partners. Please check our stockist's page to find out if your local centre has been added to the list. If not, please check back at a later date.

Who can use Yorganics Compost?

Yorganics is perfect for anyone interested in growing things, from house plant lovers and domestic gardeners to professional landscapers, farmers, horticulturalists and land managers. We can supply our 100% recycled, Yorkshire-made compost in handy 40-litre bags, bulk bags, on pallets or loose.

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