100% Recycled, Peat Free Compost

Sustainable, high-quality compost that’s perfect for keeping domestic, horticultural and agricultural plant-life thriving and happy.

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100% Recycled
Our compost is made using garden waste collected from householders and recycled.
The lack of peat in our compost protects our precious peatlands and helps heal climate harm.
Household garden waste is collected and processed before being repurposed for household gardens once again.
Organic Process
The process used to make our compost is organic and therefore kinder to the environment and local ecosystems.
Locally Sourced
All our garden waste is sourced in Yorkshire, which helps reduce vehicle carbon emissions from our production cycle.

Bagged Compost

Our bagged Yorkshire compost is suitable for indoor and outdoor plants, and comes in 40 litre bags.

  • ✓Suitable for a wide variety of plant life, including trees, shrubs, perennials, bedding plants, roses, fruits, vegetables, herbs, lawns, potted plants and much more.
  • ✓Supports plant health by revitalising and restoring nutrients in soil.
  • ✓Can be used to make stiff, heavy ground more workable whilst improving drainage.
  • ✓Helps to retain moisture and nutrients in lighter, sandy soil.
  • ✓Encourages worm and microorganism activity to help keep soil in great condition.
  • ✓100% recycled.

Bulk Compost

Ideal for horticultural use, our Yorkshire-made bulk compost is produced to the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS100 standard. It comes in 600 litre bags or can be supplied loose in a quantity that suits you.

  • ✓No need for additional fertilisers as Yorganics contains nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, sulphur and iron.
  • ✓Supports the suppression of certain plant diseases due to compost’s active microorganisms.
  • ✓Contains organic matter for excellent soil structure.
  • ✓Reduces the need for liming.
  • ✓Available as a 20mm soil conditioner.

Agricultural Compost

Yorganics’ natural, eco-friendly compost can be supplied in bulk to farmers and land managers to significantly increase crop yields. Rich in carbon, our compost supports the function of microbial populations, which are necessary to drive nutrient cycles and other essential soil processes.

  • ✓Made in Yorkshire to the British Standards Institute (BSI) PAS100 standard.
  • ✓Contains readily available potassium and slower release nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur, plus trace elements and micronutrients in smaller, useful quantities.
  • ✓Improves soil structure.
  • ✓Supports water retention and infiltration.
  • ✓Increases cation exchange in lighter soils.
  • ✓Reduces nutrient leaching.

Happy Customers

5 Stars

It is fantastic stuff. We bought several bags from our local stockist, and it was so good we went back and bought more. Our neighbour has also purchased several bags as it is so good. We are extremely pleased with it and will continue to purchase more as we need it.

Anne Wilson

5 Stars

Fantastic product … works a treat!!!

How to use Yorganics

Yorganics has a wide variety of uses. We recommend you always wear gloves when handling any type of compost product.


Our Peat Free compost can be used for all types of potting, including seedlings, repotting and hanging baskets. Fill your container half-full with Yorganics, place the plant (or seeds) inside and add more compost to the pot until the plant is sturdy. Add water, but do not saturate, as Peat Free compost, such as Yorganics, performs better when watered little and often. Our compost can also be mixed with good quality soil.

Soil Improvement

On heavy, clay soils, our compost will open up the structure to bring in more air and improve drainage. On sandy soils that drain quickly, the compost will help to bind the soil and improve its water holding capacity. As an added benefit, Yorganics enhances worm activity to really make the best of your soil. For soil improvement, we recommend spreading two to three inches of the compost onto the surface then digging or forking it in. To maximise the benefits of Yorganics, dig clay soils over in early winter and sandy soils in late winter or early spring. Repeat annually to keep your soil in the best possible condition.


Spreading a two to three inch layer of Yorganics around base plants and trees helps to improve soil conditions, supplies nutrients, retains moisture and suppresses weed growth. Apply anytime from spring to autumn when the soil is moist and top up as needed.


Before planting vegetables, bedding plants, perennials, shrubs or trees, spread Yorganics up-to two inches deep over the planting area and fork it over to blend the compost with the soil. This will improve the soil and create a good starting point for plants.

Frost Protection

Protect hardy plants, such as agapanthus and herbaceous salvias, by spreading a layer of Yorganics several inches thick over the dormant plant in late autumn. This acts as insulation and helps to protect the roots and buds from severe frost.

Raised Beds

Blend 50% Yorganics with 50% of good quality garden soil to fill raised beds for growing herbs, vegetables and fruit.

No-Dig Beds

Use Yorganics on no-dig veg and salad beds to top up the levels each year. Simply spread a few inches of the compost over the area in late autumn and the worms will helpfully pull the compost down into the soil. In spring, you can sow or plant into the crumbly surface without having to dig.


Use Yorganics as a top dressing in spring or autumn to improve the soil and feed the grass. Spread a very thin layer of the compost over the lawn and use the back of a rake or a stiff brush to spread it around and work it into the base of the grass.

Compost Tea

For horticultural use, the dark liquid that seeps out of wet compost is extremely nutritional. To make your own, add a shovel of Yorganics to a fine net bag (or pair of old tights) and submerge in five gallons of water for several days. The brown liquid can be used to water plants and the wet compost added to the garden so nothing is wasted.

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