About Yorganics...

& our totally natural and eco-friendly compost

100% Recycled
Our compost is made using garden waste collected from householders and recycled.
The lack of peat in our compost protects our precious peatlands and helps heal climate harm.
Household garden waste is collected and processed before being repurposed for household gardens once again.
Organic Process
The process used to make our compost is organic and therefore kinder to the environment and local ecosystems.
Locally Sourced
All our garden waste is sourced in Yorkshire, which helps reduce vehicle carbon emissions from our production cycle.

Thinking in Circles

Established in 2016, Yorganics was born out of Yorwaste’s desire to do more with waste and boost the circular economy. Eliminating waste and pollution, circulating products and materials, and regenerating nature is at the very heart of our compost brand – and always will be.


Our Product

Yorganics is committed to making composting more sustainable and easier for everyone. That’s why we keep it simple. No additives, no fertilisers, and a locally made product using only recycled garden waste from the famously lush, green fields and domestic gardens of Yorkshire. Our compost is certified as 100% recycled with Peat Free status, making it the very best option for environmentally conscious domestic and commercial users.


High quality. Low impact

We use entirely local resources and local production. The process used to manufacture Yorganics sees everything, from grass and hedge clippings to branches and plants, transformed into the highest quality compost that household gardeners and commercial growers alike just love to use. Why? Because they know that Yorganics helps to keep their carbon footprints down, whilst giving their plants and crops all of the lovely nutrients they need.


The grower’s choice

We listen to our customers and work closely with all kinds of growers to provide products that work for their specific needs and high standards. Our compost is PAS100-certified – which means it’s recognised within the organic recycling sector, proudly Peat Free, and subject to stringent checks during the production process to guarantee nothing less than excellence.

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